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mcc china metallurgical valve valve leading a new era of energy-saving

mcc valves, valve industry, as china metallurgical shining bright star, and always adhere to comply with the national advocate energy conservation trend, leading the chinese metallurgical industry, energy valve new era.

over the years, metallurgy valve smelting industry has been an important part of production, determines the effective control of productive resources, with the continuous development of metallurgical industry, valve applications are increasingly widespread, professional quality valve more and more energy-efficient metallurgical smelting firms.

what is the professional quality energy-metallurgical valve? mcc thought to play a high quality valves to maximize their own characteristics, is the most valuable quality for customers, reducing waste of resources to maximize the valve, the valve is really good energy. therefore, mcc developed 3s energy-saving technologies, the success of this technology into valve production, energy-saving valve mcc came into being!

a new generation of energy-saving valve valve must be to be able to maximize resources, reduce waste, cut costs for customers and create value. in the development of energy-saving technologies, the mcc has found that energy-saving valve must do the following three points can be regarded as energy-saving valve:

1: super seal!

valve plate and valve seat sealing surface contact with tight, long-lasting and reliable seal stem sealing mechanism, body and bonnet is firmly connected media inside and outside effectively prevent leakage and reduce the waste of resources, energy and more thorough.

2: super energy-saving!

design of super optimization, the introduction of german super-insulation technology to effectively prevent loss of energy, water conservation, energy-saving effect super remarkable.

3: super longevity!

the introduction of advanced science and technology, patents guarantee, valve pressure and temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, on the basis of a reasonable cut bead effectively increase valve life.

mcc production valve in the process, always strictly control the production quality, in accordance with uniform standards, do not tolerate the slightest deviation. high-quality energy-saving valve mcc, win new customers and a good reputation.

today, mcc positive power savings, innovative research and development efforts towards energy-saving valve new high ground!