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i attach great importance to the introduction of talent and technology development work, gather qinhuangdao metallurgical machinery design and manufacture of high-class professional and technical personnel, met with yanshan university, ntut, hebei university of science and technology, north china hydropower engineering, north steel institute, shougang hospital, hebei metallurgical institute, wuhan steel institute and other universities and design institutes to establish a close relationship, to develop ultra-high air temperature (1450 ℃) hot air valve series, three pole cut off valve, light hydraulic relief valve, series of blind plate valve and plug plate valve, remote control electric vehicles, new cars and hearth furnace repair cars, steam-driven type molten iron tanker and other new products. my company has drawn domestic and foreign production of metallurgical valves and other valves, metallurgical vehicles, metal seals and other advanced experience, focus on the market, combined with the use and suggestions from customers, design and development to develop and produce new products, new generation of products, quality upgrade. one new type of hot air valve for my companys patented products, and is widely used in various small and medium steel enterprises. the new high-energy heat valve series valves are asymmetrical single-ended mouth sealing surface structure, and the whole body lined with refractory, refractory thickness doing a larger increase, both effective energy barrier insulation effect, but also greatly protect the high-pressure valve stability side welded structure, it is advantageous to enhance the overall service life of the valve. details are as follows:

traditional hot air valve before and after the symmetrical structure, valve sealing surface and inner water jacket and hot air in direct contact with, a large contact area, large heat loss, cooling water consumption. sealing surface using steel welding, welding complex, difficult to control the quality of welding. while the new body a "new seal spigot structure", the new seal in the form of a fully forged spigot structure structure, high strength, greatly reducing the number of weld, increasing the thickness of the insulating refractory layer, play a protective welding joints, improve the insulation resistance can effect the action. in addition, the new hot air cooling system valve unilateral waterway, watercourse more rational layout, the traditional four into two, two into two new, reduced the amount of recycled water; new hot damper valve plate with 20g or 20 # steel or 16mnr overall forged parts, sealing surface structure adjustment made great degree of convergence, drain board and the other side of the same material of the sealing plate steel welded structure, greatly reducing the number of weld, valve quality greatly improved. bonnet seal with the companys patented "oil chamber gate valve seal structure" to ensure that no external leakage more than three years, greatly improving the valve sealing performance and life.

after several years of hard work, the company has entered a healthy, rapid and stable development stage, is now considerable production supply capacity and mature technology, product quality has reached excellent levels and was praised customers and the community.

we are guided by faith man, hard work of philosophy, is willing to make friends in the world! our character casting quality, depending on the credibility of life, with a sincere dedication to all your friends.