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environmental protection storm swept through the steel industry scrap import barriers

i was informed that the ministry of environmental protection recently released a notice on the "import scrap steel environmental regulations (trial)" (the "regulations") are: from 1 january 2010, the import of scrap iron and steel enterprises and units, in addition to the qualifications and procedures will comply with more clearly defined, will face more stringent environmental threshold requirements.

where you can apply for import of scrap steel processing and utilization of iron and steel smelting enterprises, "require" clear requirements in addition to their production processes, equipment and products meet the national steel industry policy; with the use of imported scrap steel processing facilities, equipment, facilities and related pollution outside the control facilities and measures, and in line with national or local standards, codes or policy requirements, also requires companies to do this in the last couple of years, "green three" criteria:

does not exceed the national or local emission standards pollutant emissions; the residue after the import of solid waste processing and utilization were harmless disposal; environmental monitoring records or import of solid waste management, without fraud, or does not declare.

december 24, domestic steel research center advisory body mysteel tieshan in the interview with this view, the new regulations more stringent than before: "a lot of companies want to scrap import, but in fact a lot of conditions because scrap import restrictions, they might. doping lot of toxic waste, a good scrap, especially from the united states, japan and other countries, to be especially careful. "

the second half of 2008, affected by the financial crisis, the international market scrap prices fell sharply, was dropped only about $ 180 per ton, which led to a small peak domestic scrap imports.

zhangjiagang inspection and quarantine bureau statistics show that from january to november, zhangjiagang port imported a total of 3.35 million tons of scrap, worth $ 1.1 billion, year on year growth of 598 percent and 267 percent.

sha steel group, fengli group and posco and other scrap importers have to seize this opportunity, targeting the market, fierce orders, a large number of imported scrap from japan, the united states, hong kong and other countries and regions. meanwhile, sea freight was lower, the domestic steel market due to increased demand and active infrastructure, also have become scrap imports surge reason.

iron and steel industry experts, former shougang research institute dai guoqing also in development during an interview said that in the country increase energy conservation efforts in the background, china has a tendency to increase the amount of scrap. in the international arena, scrap usage levels much higher than china. it is understood that, in the steel production industry, the european union and north america, crude steel scrap consumption accounts for the proportion is greater than 50%, while the proportion of only about 14%.