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focus on examination of parts of the valve adjustment when servicing
check the adjustment between the valve body wall: the high differential pressure and corrosive media occasions, body wall, diaphragm membrane often medium impact and corrosion, must focus on examination of pressure decay situation;

check the valve seat: because when working media penetration, threaded inner surface of the fixed seat with loose seat leaving susceptible to corrosion;

check the valve spool: spool valve is one of the movable parts, more serious erosion by the media, the maintenance departments to carefully check whether the valve is corrosion, wear, especially in the high differential pressure, the valve cavitation core of wear due to cavitation caused by more serious. spool seriously damaged should be replaced;

check valve packing: check whether asbestos rope packing dry, such as the use of ptfe packing, should be careful to check whether the aging and its mating surface is damaged;

check the actuator in the rubber membrane is aging, whether there is cracking phenomenon.