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sales mode determines the sales price

with the rapid development of society, the market economy continues to depth, various sales, marketing strategies, advertising, marketing, promotional activities, etc. means endless, escalating competition in the market, but look at these marketing tools is not difficult to find that they have a common feature is still at the product level, almost exactly the same propaganda telling their products themselves have the advantage, benefit, all sales are launched around the product, which is based on the product itself oriented typical traditional sales model, such sales model is the final result of price competition, i believe we should be deeply felt. in the current fierce competition in the market, we can say that with the product itself oriented sales model is outdated, if we are to achieve sales continue to grow and maintain reasonable prices, sales transformation imperative, the transition is from sales product-oriented sales model to a problem that the customer-oriented system solutions sales model, which sell not only the product itself, but the product itself outside for customers to solve any problems, what value for customers. the traditional sales model and system solutions sales model is the most important difference is that the traditional product sales model focuses on the product or service itself, in fact, it is to sell products. system solutions sales model is concerned customer problems and changes to the customer fails to solve the problem brought about, in fact, selling value. in doing marketing, we should combine the advantages of our sales, while insight customers need to solve problems, to learn to look for market segments from the market value, and the value sold.

today we are in the face of all kinds of engineering end customer sales, traditional sales model has been unable to adapt to the buyer of the procurement process, it is difficult to our business, products, and services fully reflect the true value, outstanding performance restricted in terms of payment and the sale price to the buyer, although we wang yue products with excellent quality but often forced to compete but do nothing, only repeated that the already very limited compression of profit margins, in fact, this is the common problems of the market, which is ultimately the main reason why we could not the real issues that customers seek to solve or ameliorate the need to rush and give satisfaction, no wang yue of our products and services have the advantage and will give them full of real value to the customer caused the results.

so how to explore customer needs? how to show the potential value of goods and services? you first need to set aside a product-oriented marketing concepts, change starts from only thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of the product model, the original pipe products in each category are combined into customer projects in the desired room sewerage system from thinking, interior hot and cold water piping system required, indoor heating piping systems, indoor cable sheathing systems, water supply for external piping systems, ground source heat pump piping systems, etc. of various projects related to plastic pipe system solutions, and in accordance with potential customers these piping systems demand gains can give them the security of the system, the system stability, the overall decline in procurement costs and so fully demonstrated superiority to clients. not just to sell the idea of establishing a single pipe fittings of these products, but to provide customers with a complete set of piping system solutions really help customers to solve or ameliorate the problems faced. the second is in the sales process any time to communicate with our customers around the customers can only solve the problem of what to negotiate throughout the sales process from beginning to end insight into the needs of potential customers ideology, to discuss the purpose is to understand and solve problems, often the real needs of customers as an iceberg hidden under the water, you need insight to shake up the iceberg.

case study: in the context of the huge loss of the global shipping industry, the whole industry in price war every day, to fight low-priced, leading to various shipping black and blue, but one of the companies making bold behavior change traditional competitive sales price, were worth sales, refuse a price war, greatly enhance the shipping price, while detailed search for customer needs, they found that the current problem facing the shipping industry in general is difficult to ensure the timeliness of flights, survey data found that arrive at rate of 50% or less, for this situation this company has done two things, first, regardless of whether the cargo ship made full-time, the second is to ensure that the arrival rate of more than 90, by two things greatly enhance the timeliness of arrival of goods to customers, to meet customer goods in a timely manner this demand arrived, although the price is high, but customers are willing to pay high prices to ensure the timeliness value, the company successfully implemented a price war to break out, this is the system solution sales value. imagine our various sales activities, we seek real analysis of customer needs now? we address these needs points for our customers to develop a solution to it? according to statistics, most of the sales are almost all in their own subjective sense of strong marketing his product, with little review and where the real needs of customers, sales determine sales prices.

as time goes on, the technology industry matures, you will find many products are being gradually reduced to merchandise, product homogeneity will continue to increase, the original unique product differentiation will become increasingly smaller, product-oriented sales model will be very difficult, not only to achieve sales in transition to be eliminated in the fierce competition in the market for our customers to maximize the value of the system presents solutions sales model is the essence of marketing. real marketing needs is a subtle clues from constantly seek to give insight into customers needs are met, they are selling value rather than just selling products, is to help customers solve problems, not just the supply of certain products. todays market requires that we must be able to accurately grasp the sales stage in which the buyer understand the potential customer demand points to give value presented in order to seize market opportunities, customers can really walked into the heart in order to achieve the desired sales, sales model it will determine your sales prices.